In any seismic survey cost is always an important factor. Kingfisher places great emphasis on cost control and tracking as part of the project management services we provide.

Cost control begins at the time of program inception. Careful planning and design that fully considers the project's cost efficiency is critical. The implication of these early decisions cannot be overstated and often produce costly, undesirable and non-reversible results.

Bids should be analyzed taking into careful consideration realistic field conditions, potential cost overruns, quality specifications and contractor technical capabilities and experience.

Acquisition contracts should provide flexibility to allow for unexpected program adjustments.

Project costs should be tracked against budget on a daily basis so that any potential problems can be addressed immediately (while they are fresh in everyone's mind and before they become an even bigger problem).

Innovative techniques for data acquisition drawn from our extensive worldwide experience has provided benefits for both the client and the seismic contractor alike.

Projects managed by Kingfisher are usually completed on time with superior data quality and within or under budget.